Hydro-rubbing ® Low Pressure ® Vortex system ®
Hydro-Rubbing ® Advantages - Definition of Low Pressure ®

Definition of Low Pressure ® Hydro-rubbing ® :

Hydro-rubbing ® is a method which makes intercede 4 principles, in a conjugated manner :

1) The Vortex ® nozzle :

    - Patented Low Pressure ® rotation process, where a fluid consisting of air (at high rate) and aggregate (in small quantities) arrives laterally in a mixing chamber, and is expelled in the form of an even humidified vortex cone.
    - The vortex ® thus created naturally causes a drop in spraying pressure, as well as a rotation of each component of the aggregate.
The microabrasion action on the base is provided by the tangential arrival of the aggregate which, whilst rubbing the surface, deposits a trace on it without altering it.

2) Use of a high volume of air (throughput) and low service pressure (speed), enabling an aggregate to be conveyed in an even and homogeneous fashion.

    - The high volume of air optimises the passage of the fluid in the Vortex ® nozzle.
    - The useful pressure on the surface is between 0.2 and 1.5 bar.

3) Use of a non-aggressive aggregate (stone powder) :

    - The aggregate is in the form of a very fine powder (granulometry < 80 m), with a round configuration ( non-crystalline and non-aggressive), and with a softness < 3 mohs (for information, silica sands have a hardness > 8 mohs), and is physico-chemically neutral.
    - The powdery nature of the microaggregate enables it to be finely distributed in the volume of air, and sprayed evenly, and makes it possible to use up to 100 m of pipework without loss of pressure.
    - Consumption remains very low (1 to 5 kg/m2): by its very nature, its transportation in a large volume of air and its spraying by the Vortex ® nozzle, each grain of aggregate is at the optimum of its efficiency, and gives rise to low consumption.
    - Through its size and weight, and the addition of atomisation water, the aggregate falls on the ground, at the bottom of the vertical surface. It is easy to collect it up. It is recommended to place rubber retention mats, which will facilitate cleaning of the area still further.

4) Remote control :

control technique enabling a single operator to work on site with the handle in a self-contained fashion. He can start up the Hydro-rubbing ® system, and regulate its spray pressure and its water flow rate.

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